Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Dream Home

This house is located in a town nearby. Every time I drive by I tell my kids or whoever is with me that this house is my future home. I'm not exactly fond of the location (I would rather be in the country), but I absolutely adore the house.


Andrea said...

Looks like a castle. Love the rock work. Wonder what the inside looks like? Go knock on the door and tell the owners your have blogger friends who want to know what the inside looks like. Do it......dare you....come on, do it. ;)

Up North Chic said...

Andrea, it's funny you should say that. The day I took this picture, I noticed there was someone inside looking out, I wondered if they had seen me taking pictures. LOL I probably don't have enough courage to go knock on the door and ask to come in, but if it ever goes on the market, I will definitely use that as my way in. ;)