Monday, July 28, 2008

Little Turtle

Isn't he cute?


Andrea said...

Yes he is cute. Great capture.

chapmand1952 said...

He looks like a Snapper... watch your fingers.


smilnsigh said...

This is an "Off Topic Comment" but...I seem to have lost my knack for posting/commenting in 'Blog Land,' for a while. All I do lately, is put up a few photos, here and there. I didn't plan on it... It just happened.

And since I don't want anyone to think I got *uppity* or anything, :-) I'm leaving this comment, to explain my absence.

I'm sure to be back in not too long. Can't keep a "Chatty Person" quiet, for too long. :-)

Miss Mari-Nancirgjrh

Double "D" said...

Yes I would say that this is
definitely a snapping turtle.
At full size they can take your hand
off. How small was this guy?
Great photo though, It's hard to
capture a snapping turtle.
Thanks for stopping by my
blog. See Ya Michigander.

Photo Candy said...

Chapman & DD, I'm glad I didn't let him get near my fingers. He was just a little guy and could've fit in the palm of my hand had I picked him up.

Louise said...

Cute for now! They're a bit scary when they're bigger, but I still like them (even though they are a bit nasty to other animals in the pond. But they have to eat!)

Rick said...

Owh! Snapping turtle - keep your fingers back!