Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hello Dragonfly

This little guy was following me around a few weeks ago and landed on my shirt. I gently put my hand down to him and he walked on to my fingers. He was not shy at all.


Louise said...

I love that you could "pick it up," but am even MORE impressed that you managed a picture with your other hand!

dot said...

What a neat picture and I won't be trying it. lol

Double "D" said...

Great photo and left handed to boot.
I love dragonfly's. As I young kids I
fished a lot. I always used a wooden
stick bobber and I could almost guarantee
that a dragonfly would land on the tip.
Didn't help fishing though.

Photo Candy said...

Yes, it was quite a challenge trying to get this shot with my left hand, but this dragonfly was not shy and very patient with me. I was using my small point and shoot Pentax, so that also helped. Don't know if I would've been able to manage a larger camera for this one.

Ken said...

Great shot. I never can get a dragonfly to set on my finger. Good job.