Monday, November 17, 2008

That's My World - Alpena

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Alpena is a port city located on Thunder Bay, which is part of Lake Huron. Shown above is the Thunder Bay River. You can see that some teenage boys are enjoying a swim. Of course, I took these photos back in July, when it was still warm enough to swim there. The building you see in the background is used to manufacture wood paneling. Whenever you drive by here, you can smell the wood in the air.

This is where the Thunder Bay River empties into Lake Huron.

Not quite sure what this building is, but I thought the mural was neat. The building backs up to the Thunder Bay River.

This is the Alpena National Fish and Wildlife Conservation Office and is part of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's Midwest Region. Some of the things they do here include research and restoration of fish and wildlife habitat of the Great Lakes.


Annie said...

Thankyou for a quick tour of your world!

I have been to Ann Arbor, which was very pretty too! Though I didn't get to any of the lakes..I was with my daughter on one of her work trips.

Annie (australia)

Anonymous said...

What a lovely place you have there. I will enjoy walking along the bay. Thanks for the tour.

Shannon said...

Annie, I was born in Ann Arbor. It is one of my favorite cities in Michigan.

Rocks said...

Thanks so much for sharing your world. I can imagine a good walk with hubby along that bay :)

FickleMinded said...

we love visiting lake huron for fishing when we were living in Oh.My post was also a part of Michigan. :)
My World Tuesday #2

Louise said...

Cool post and beautiful pictures. I've heard of Thunder Bay before, but never really knew where it was.

fishing guy said...

Shannon: What a wonderful trip through your part of the world. Those are some neat captures of the area.

Ecobirder said...

Great job with your My world submission.