Monday, December 8, 2008

That's My World Tuesday - World's Largest Cherry Pie

I've gotten a little behind on my blog recently thanks to a round with the flu. First my daughter had it, then she passed it on to my son, and then my husband. I thought for sure I would be lucky and not get it after taking extra measures not to get it, but I didn't get so lucky after all. It was horrible and I was down and out for a week. Anyhow, my blog has suffered as a result, but I am feeling better now, so time to get back in the game.

Shown above is the memorial for the "World's Largest Cherry Pie". Actually the pie has long since gone, but it this is what it looked like. And if you are feeling like maybe having a go at it and trying to make one, well, I've included the ingredients for you.

This pie memorial is located in Charlevoix, and from 1979 until 1987, the pie that was made in it held the record for the "World's Largest Cherry Pie'. In 1987, in an effort to break the record, another pie was made further south in Traverse City, the Cherry Capital of the World.

If you would like to view more "That's my World" photos from around the globe, please click on the button at the top of this post.


Larry D said...

That is a major recipe!

Sara G said...

WOW, great post and photo's.
Sorry to hear you and your family have been sick!
Take care and thanks for sharing your part of the world with us.

TCKK said...

How fun is that?

Anonymous said...

That was one big pie.

Hope you are on the mend. The cold weather always brings in the sniffles and something stronger.

alicesg said...

Looked very interesting. Take care in the winter. Have a nice week ahead.

Anonymous said...

What a claim to fame - I've come to appreciate cherries so much more since moving to Michigan.

dot said...

Wow, that was one big pie! Sorry to hear you have all been sick.